MMCQ #165 – Event Reflections

About MMCQ:  Monday Morning Coffee Queries is a free event tailored for Entrepreneurs, Students and Start-ups. This event provides a platform, for people from different entrepreneurial and professional background to meet with market peers and share their perspectives about business and entrepreneurship. Every Monday Morning the attendees together interact, share their learnings and support each others.

MMCQ is an unconferencing style meet up event where attendees come with their entrepreneurial queries which they can discuss and share with their peers. Whether, you are a student, employee or an entrepreneur, at MMCQ, you will meet people of various backgrounds who are more than willing to listen and contribute to your queries. You can also add an opinion and provide any suggestions on other participant’s queries.

Essentially, MMCQ provides an environment where you can learn and express yourself.

Key Topics Covered on 165thMMCQ held on 8thJuly 2019

Switching from one Business or Profession to another:

Our attendees found this topic to be quite intriguing because most of us have dealt with this one way or the other in our daily lives, it may either be switching from one business to another, or one job profession to another, or even one brand to another. We believed that after forming an attachment for an identity with a title, it is always difficult to adapt to a newer title. Shifts are always time consuming and letting go of one’s own identity is quite gruelling. Realization is vital for adjusting in a newer environment but realization takes time because it doesn’t happen overnight and so giving oneself time and making an effort to do so will regularly help in making it easier to adapt to the change. One of our attendees suggested that sense of belongingness is vital especially when introduced in a brand new environment. Moreover, If you don’t feel that a certain title or a place is yours and don’t feel like sharing your experiences and happiness with the people around you than you won’t feel belonged to that place. Another of our attendees believed that you should surround yourself with the right people that can push you and motivate you in a time of change.

What is Confidence?

Here, we asked our attendees to define confidence in their own words. Some of the immediate answers that we received from attendees were:

  • Confidence is being able to communicate freely and having conformity in thoughts.

  • It is an ability to express without hesitation.

  • Confidence is being fearless.

  • Confidence is having clarity in vision and goals.

Confidence can either be self or obtained through others. It is a very intricate topic with various elements associated with it and was certain that this would lead to various other captivating questions from our attendees. One of our attendee friend asked, if you are confidence in your work but the society does not appraise you, will you still have self confidence? The conversation went back-and-forth, with half of our attendees recommending listening to our society because our society includes older people, who are more or less inclined towards giving better advice. And the other half were shared the opinion that you shouldn’t ponder the idea of other people’s point of view towards you. If someone advices you to do something or gives an opinion about you, they are merely transferring information but you are the one who is experiencing it. So, social confirmation is a necessity but you’ve got to have clarity to know when it is required.

Do you believe in making your passion or interest as a job profession and do you think that it’s productive to have a profession of your own interest or a profession that gives you stability and better financial incentives:

This query was rotated among all our attendees. Everyone gave their own point of view on the subject. Some of the viewpoint were as follows:

  • Financial incentives is utmost important as we need money to satisfy all our needs.

  • Your passion is essential for increasing productivity but whatever you embrace; you should be able to convert it financially.

  • Interests keep on changing with time. When we were kids, we were passionate about certain things but as we grow older, our interests changed. It all depends on the stage of life we’re in, if you passionately involved in a job profession, it will provide you financial security and create a path for future growth.

  • You can take your passion along with your monetary need. You don’t need to abandon your passion for basic needs. You can work in order to support yourself and your family but at the same time, you can work on the things that you are passionate about.

  • Don’t blend passion with work because both of them are two entirely separate phenomenon. It is not always important to generate money from your passion. For instance, you work full time job and enjoy playing football. You are passionate about football because it connects you emotionally and not because you want to obtain any monetary benefit from it. If you are involved in something and that triggers your emotions then that becomes your passion.

Drawing Conclusion:

It was a fruitful experience for everyone one of us. The flow of discussion was smooth and we were able to cover a lot of ground related to various passion, confidence, business, change, and entrepreneurship. All the attendees brought their experience and engaged in such constructive and open exchanges throughout the 2 hour duration of MMCQ.

MMCQ is a free-weekly event held every Monday, 9AM at Kaffe Codes, Central Business Park, Thapathali. We invite you to join our future edition of the event.

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